NBC12 Viewpoint: You must vote

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 2:02 PM EDT
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By Kym Grinnage | email

If you are a registered voter and you already are 100 percent certain that you will be voting on Nov. 6, you can take a bathroom break. But if you are like a few people that I know personally who are registered voters or someone who has not bothered to register and you do not see the value in voting, please pay attention. This is also time when you can call your loved one to the screen.

So I have one question for you, why do you continue to let all of the people who use their constitutional right to vote do your job for you every election day? Did you know that historically only 60 percent of eligible voters vote in our general elections and only 40 percent vote in the mid-term elections?

The good news is that based on recent polling we should beat those numbers, but we are far from good. Why bother to stay in Virginia or in the United States of America if you do not see the value of your vote?

If you care about safety, education, healthcare, taxes, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, traffic lights, having streets paved and everything that you see around you, then you have a responsibility and obligation to vote. I don’t want to be responsible for your free ride.

If you have an opinion about anything that has to do with any law or elected official and you don’t vote, your voice should be silent. Yes, you may have an opinion, but it does not count. If you are a young person and you will be voting for the first time, do not let anyone keep you from the polls. This is also the time to ask any elderly or disabled person you know if they need help getting to the polls.

It does not matter who you want to vote for, that is personal, but it does matter to me and your fellow citizens, if you make 60percent of the eligible voters in a midterm election represent you on Nov. 6.

Democracy is not just a right; it is a privilege and when it is not used it gets old and rusty and falls apart. Apply some oil to this democracy and VOTE!