NBC12 Viewpoint: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Updated: Nov. 9, 2018 at 3:22 PM EST
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By Kym Grinnage | email

Wow! What a week of mixed emotions. I was so proud on Election Day and the day after to see so many records shattered when it came to voter turnout.

People of every persuasion took their civic duty seriously and shattered the mid-term election records. Regardless of your political point of view, we should all be proud that we did the thing that no one can argue with - VOTING MATTERS!!!!

When we vote and vote in numbers we make things happen. Incumbents get re-elected, incumbents get defeated, more women get elected and the level of diversity grows in our legislature grows. Truly, this is what democracy is all about. If you give people a good reason to vote they will show up. So newly elected officials, don’t let us down.

It was also a week where once again we are living in a surreal environment of gun violence. We are grieving as a country twice within two weeks about a mass shooting.

It is becoming so frequent in our society that I don’t think it moves us the same way anymore. And it is not just the mass shooting, but it is also the daily gun violence we see in many of our inner city communities.

I am not here today to debate the causes of why it is happening, which is something we must continue to deal with as well, but I am here to express, with much frustration, that the reality is no community in America is immune to the gun violence.

The question we have to put energy around in every community in the country is: are we OK with where we are and where we are going? I hope that the answer is NO.