NBC12 Viewpoint: Fourth of July and independence

Updated: Jul. 5, 2019 at 11:08 AM EDT
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By Kym Grinnage | email

I hope that all of you enjoyed your Fourth of July and that you had time to be with friends and family. When I sat down to write this week’s commentary, I wanted to give some thought to what the Fourth of July means to me.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled around the world. And although I like many of the countries I have visited, there is no other country that I love more than the United States of America. And there is no other country that I would want to call home.

For me, it goes back to some of the principles that this country was founded on: independence and separation from kings and tyrants. Although we know that when the Declaration of Independence stated that “all men are created equal,” they were not talking about “all” men, and they were not talking about “all” women and they certainly were not talking about people of color.

But let’s fast forward to 2019. I still think that this country offers the best opportunity for all of its citizens and immigrants to be the best that they can be. And in order for that to happen we must see each other as EQUALS, period!

If we start with that premise, then all things are possible. Those that have, should help those that do not. Those that have wisdom and knowledge should share that wisdom and knowledge without conditions. And we should live our lives unselfishly knowing that there is enough for ALL of us to be our best selves.

The Fourth of July reminds me that we have to be careful about concentrating too much power into the hands of any one person who may not have the morale authority to do the right thing.

Independence comes with a commitment, and if you don’t exercise your independence with courage, truth and morality, you may lose it.

All men and all women are created equal. Happy Fourth of July!