Woman who honored father by opening food truck gets flawless health inspector reviews

Updated: Jan. 16, 2020 at 5:17 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - NBC12’s Hall of Fame award winner is someone you might remember. Last year we told you Ru’s Remennikova story; she left her corporate job to start a food truck. Her business grew to now include a coffee shop that has been getting flawless reviews from health inspectors, but it’s the meaning behind the shop that makes it truly special.

In 2016, Remennikova’s life changed forever.

"It was the most random, shattering, thing I've heard in my life. He's my best friend," she says.

Her dad died of a heart attack in his sleep in 2016.

“He’s my best friend. My dad is my best friend.”

And when a change like that happens, you can't go back.

“It was about a year later, so I planned out the course to make the leap,” she said.

Ru’s food truck Pulp Fiction hit the road, specializing in smoothies, based on recipes from her father. Just a couple years later, her coffee shop, Pulp Fiction Lakeside opened in July of last year.

“It's a lot more than I thought it would be…It turned out to be a lot more beautiful! I think that the community has really made this place amazing,” she says.

This coffee shop also serves smoothies and bagels; you can find it on Lakeside Avenue in Henrico.

"Time just seems to not exist here. The day goes by so fast when you're here."

The health department recently visited the shop and it was perfect!

"Everything is very raw and ready to go and we try to make it as efficient as possible,” she says.

Ru says it’s important to stay on top of the shop’s cleanliness. They keep track through logbooks.

Congratulations, Pulp Fiction Lakeside!

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