NBC12 Viewpoint: We all have to help each other

Updated: Mar. 20, 2020 at 5:17 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Yes, these are unprecedented times that we are living in. And yes it is natural for some of us to feel some level of anxiety.

We all should be so proud of the men and women in the health community who are going to the front lines each and every day to ensure that we can stay as healthy and safe as possible.

Please remember to be thoughtful and thankful for all of the first responders and the first informers. I am personally so very proud of the excellent job all of the media professionals are doing to keep us informed about the facts that you need to know.

It is in times like these that we also have to be thankful for everyone in various industries, including but not limited to, the people in cleaning and sanitizing, the people working in the food chain, the people who are the driving the trucks to deliver our food and supplies, the restaurants who are still open for pickup and delivery, the immigrants who are still picking our food and everyone else who is still working on-site or remotely to keep us all in good hands.

I know I will sound like a broken record when I ask you to think deeply about social distancing and to take a pause from your everyday routine. And of course, I have a special message for those young people who have not yet taken this seriously. You need to take this coronavirus pandemic personally. You need to say to yourself, am I being thoughtful or selfish when I am willing to risk the lives of my parents, grandparents or neighbors.

This is a time for all of us to be calm and thoughtful and to use the thing that no one can take away from us, our common sense.

As Pastor Lance Watson said earlier this week, “tough times pass, but tough people endure.”

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