‘It’s hard to find honest people’: Woman thanks couple who returned lost wallet

Published: Feb. 23, 2021 at 6:56 PM EST
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GLEN ALLEN, Va. (WWBT) - When you lose something important to you, it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s how it was for a Henrico woman when a trip to the pharmacy turned into a frantic search to find her wallet.

Tina Loving Bridges visited a Walgreens on Brook Road to pick up a prescription for her mother.

“I guess when I was leaving, I dropped my wallet somehow in the parking lot...It had my driver’s license, money, it had my insurance cards, my debit cards and to try to replace that during a pandemic would be almost impossible,” Loving Bridge said.

Reality set in when she got home.

“I came back up here and nobody had returned it, I looked high and low in the house,” Loving Bridge said.

“I came over here Monday morning to fix my aunt’s tire. I had to take it off her car and take it to Goodyear. Then I had to go back and get here and bring her to Walgreens so she could get her prescription. As we were getting back out, I put her in the passenger side of the truck, and I walked around the truck and I saw a pink purse,” David Coghill said.

Coghill picked up the wallet and tried to find contact information for the owner. He couldn’t find a phone number but he had a detective on his side - his wife, Cindy.

“So, I went back and seen who had live at that address, and saw the name Loving and her name was on the driver’s license. So, then I followed that name back to her mother. So it was a hunt-and-peck kind of thing,” Cindy Coghill said.

“Cindy, David’s wife, somehow got my mother’s telephone number and called her, and she told me that somebody had found my wallet,” Loving Bridge said.

The group met up and the wallet was returned – with everything intact. Tina wanted to take it a step further to show her appreciation.

“I reached out to Channel 12 for your Act of Kindness, and I wanted to give you this $300 and a gift card to Mexico Restaurant for your act of kindness of finding my wallet and returning it because without that whole life was in that wallet,” Loving Bridge said.

David is a simple man with a simple message of kindness

“I hope everybody does the same thing in life, it’s hard for everybody this day in time and...and I appreciate the money y’all have given me, and I am going to donate this to my first grandchild,” David Coghill said.

He wasn’t looking for anything in return but this goes to show - when you do good, you get good in return.

“It’s hard to find honest people during these troubled times. I mean anybody would probably have that 50 inside my wallet but instead, he gets $300,” Loving Bridges said.

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