Dinwiddie teen delivers wood for people in need

Updated: Feb. 25, 2021 at 4:54 PM EST
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DINWIDDIE, Va. (WWBT) - As the power restoration effort continues in Dinwiddie, there’s more work being done within the community to help people stay warm.

Eric Edwards, 14, and his family lost power during the first ice storm. To help keep the house warm, Edwards starting splitting logs in his backyard to keep their fireplace going.

“We were going to have to go out and split all this wood and stuff,” he said. “Probably just run the heat off the fireplace.”

To keep their fireplace going, Edwards and his family drove around to find more wood and ended up finding their call to action.

“We were going down the road and we found more to split,” Edwards said. “So we were like, ‘Oh this in the road so we can help the people and get it out of the roadway.’”

With help from his family, Eric cleared trees and debris from the roads, but their work wasn’t over.

Tammy Edwards, his mom, says he found online posts from people asking for help to stay warm during the cold nights.

“There’s a couple of them saying that they didn’t have wood and they had a fireplace,” she said. “Some of them mentioned they didn’t have money.”

Eric took on this call for help by collecting, splitting, loading and delivering wood to those who needed it.

“What if the people have disabilities and stuff?” he said. “They can’t really do this and they don’t have the money to go and get wood so I was like we’ll go and get them wood too because it’s not too hard to chop it all and have a little bit to give to people.”

Edwards says the people he helped appreciated his generosity.

“They had a lot of thanks because I know they were in their house cold,” Edwards said. “When we showed up to that to give them wood and stuff and help them with stuff, they were like, ‘Wow we didn’t expect any of this.’”

Edwards says this experience has shown him how to pay it forward one piece of wood at a time.

“Not many people do it so I mean if you help, maybe you will get help later on in life,” Edwards said.

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