Business gives tips to keep pipes from bursting during Sunday’s winter storm

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 11:23 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) - Virginia’s emergency services are preparing for the state’s second major winter event of the year.

Dominion Energy says it’s fully staffed and has crews on standby pre-staging resources in areas that may be affected by the storms so that they can be out early to assess any damage and restore power immediately.

VDOT has been doing the same thing on the ground level pre-treating major interstates and roadways and salt and brine ahead of Sunday.

Emergency services continue to remind people that your home is the safest place you can be once the storms hit, but local businesses say there are steps you can take right now to ensure that your home is best protected from snow and ice.

“Make sure your house is capable to withstand the cold weather,” Glenda Flores said.

Flores is an account manager with Rubber Ducky Plumbing in Richmond and works closely with Heroes Restoration? Flores says both companies get the majority of service calls for flooding, but she says they saw firsthand the damage done to homes from the last winter event

“It can get pretty pricey,” Flores said. “Repairs can get to the thousands and that’s what you don’t want.”

Flores says a lot of the damage Rubber Ducky Plumbing and Heroes Restoration sees is from bursting pipes. When temperatures drop to near or below freezing Flores says you should let your faucets drip to keep them from freezing. Water left in your hose can also freeze and expand, bursting the pipes in your home if it’s still connected to your spigot.

“If your pipework or your spigot is a little old and it bursts that can cause a flood and a lot more damage than people expect even if the damage is just your yard,” Flores said.

Flores says you can also help keep your pipes warmer simply by opening your cabinets to allow more circulation of warm air to the pipes in your walls.

“Most kitchens and bathrooms have pipework behind the cabinets and walls,” Flores said. “Heat will go in there and keep them in a good position where they won’t expand or burst.”

Flores says you should also keep your crawlspace door closed at all times especially during the winter months due to the potential of snow and ice melting and flowing back into your crawlspace.

The Department of Emergency Management says you should also have an emergency preparedness kit with a few days worth of food and supplies.

“Make sure you have those items, your flashlights, your batteries, your bottled water, and food.” Jason Elmore said. “We always encourage people to be prepared for at least 72 hours without power.”

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