5 Ways to Celebrate Virginia Wine Month this October

Virginia Wine

Sponsored - There’s something magical about October in Virginia Wine Country. A hint of chill enlivens the air and the foliage bursts with brilliant color. As glasses are raised to celebrate harvest, Virginia Wine Country sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

October marks the 35th celebration of Virginia Wine Month. Inaugurated in 1988, Virginia Wine Month celebrates and pays tribute to the farmers, winemakers, and local wine lovers who have shaped Virginia Wine into what it is today.

Pick a vineyard or a weekend. Plot out the perfect itinerary or follow wherever the road takes you to explore the shifting landscape and extraordinary wines of Virginia. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate Virginia Wine Month this October.

Virginia Wine
Plan Your Adventure

Make the most of your visit with Virginia Wine resources such as a personalized digital itinerary, the Virginia Wine app for on-the-go access, or a printed copy of the Virginia Winery Guide to have on hand during your travels. Explore the diverse array of vineyards, wine varietals, and accommodations for your upcoming visit on virginiawine.org. As you continue your journey, discover charming overnight accommodations to wake up in wine country. Virginia Wine Month is the perfect time to explore the ever-changing landscapes and wines of the region.

Find Celebrations

Wineries across the state are opening their doors in October to show appreciation to their supporters. Seek out special dinners, events, and experiences happening throughout the state’s wineries. Take the opportunity to meet winemakers, learn about the winemaking process, and savor the distinct flavors of Virginia wines. Many events feature live music, local artisan vendors, and, of course, plenty of wine. Celebrate October winery events.

Harvest Party

Harvest Party, a home-grown holiday, serves as the day when Virginians come together to raise their glasses in honor of the richness of our region. Where people in the city, the country, and on the shore gather in restaurants, vineyards, private homes, and open fields for a feast of Virginia-grown food and wine.

This year’s Harvest Party will take place on Saturday, October 21st. Find a Harvest Party celebration near you or host your own!

Support Local

At the heart of Virginia Wine Month lies a commitment to celebrating all things local. From savoring wines paired with seasonal flavors to experimenting with locally inspired recipes, this month is a chance to revel in the community that is Virginia. Plan your own harvest party, rally friends and family, and experience all the unique offerings Virginia has in store. Explore your local community for restaurants and retailers championing Virginia Wine here.

Enjoy Special Offers

During October, many wineries offer special experiences and promotions. Keep an eye out for select wineries bundling locally crafted wines, food, and products. Don’t miss the chance to win a free one-night stay in the heart of Virginia Wine Country by checking in at new stops during October with the Gold Medal Wine Trail - which not only offers exceptional wine experiences but also opportunities for discounts and prizes along the way. Additionally, a limited edition wine release, Cornus Virginicus Edition II, crafted in collaboration between Cana Vineyards and Winery of Middleburg and Virginia’s First Lady, Suzanne S. Youngkin, will be available. This wine is not only a celebration of Virginia agriculture but also supports Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom.

With over 300 wineries across the state providing world-class wines, culinary experiences, and unique offerings, Virginia Wine Country promises something for everyone. So this October, toast to the flavors, traditions, and stories that make up our unique region.

Enjoy celebrating all Virginia Wine Month has to offer. Follow along throughout the month by following @vawine on social media.

Virginia Wine